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Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

remkenneth, R.E.M. , Warner Brothers

Listen: What’s The Frequency Kenneth? / R.E.M. REMKenneth.mp3

It must be the mix that got me. The guitar is really loud – in a good way. Pete Buck’s a nice guy, hung with him on many an occasion, big record collector and music fan. But talk about a great single. Like the band or not – it’s hard to switch this one off when it hits the radio, which it did on my JetBlue flight the other day.

Are they the best airline or what, offering Sirius radio instead of the usual pre-programmed genre stations. I Sirius surf from takeoff to landing every last flight. If you don’t have Sirius radio, you are missing out. It’s like penance for the past 30 years of radio programming sins. Please God let it survive.