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The Buzz

Monday, October 29th, 2018

Listen: You’re Holding Me Down / The Buzz

Basically the remnants of Edinburgh’s mini cult legends The Boston Dexters, once they morphed into The Buzz, ‘You’re Holding Me Down’ became their sole release from ’66, produced by Joe Meek and pre-dating summer of love psychedelia by a year or so. Still, it gets regarded as a most collectable classic from the genre, having recently commanded £305 on eBay. Everything Joe Meek touched became an unforeseen crystal ball gaze into the future, still to this day.

Digging through reviews of the record at the time, some called it frantic, others messy.

Many argue these guys were the same group David Bowie used as his back-up band for a while, billing themselves as, surprise, David Bowie & The Buzz. Not true.

Although, that Buzz did include a guitarist with possibly the best stage name ever, T-cup Taylor.

The Buzz

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Listen: You’re Holding Me Down / The Buzz
Youre Holding Me Down / The Buzz

To my knowledge, Joe Meek’s most, maybe only, psychedelic production. It preceded Summer ’67 by fourteen months. How the hell did he do that?

This one goes hard from the start and by the fade, just pins the mass confusion meter. Crazy stuff.

Not The Buzz that backed David Bowie, btw.