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The Square Set

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

That's What I Want - The Square Set

Listen: That’s What I Want / The Square Set ThatsWhatIWant.mp3

Nice thing about collecting records, you always find something you didn’t know you needed. Thankfully that never ends. This record is an example.

Apparently, pretty sought after by mod jazz collectors, I stumbled on it via an eBay listing. I have a daily search set up for UK A labels. So one day, there it was, and on UK Decca, which is a favorite. Luckily, the dealer posted an mp3 too. I checked it out and was immediately interested. I wasn’t prepared for the closing price though, about $200, and therefore got horribly outbid.

Been searching ever since, about three years, waiting for another copy to be listed. Still don’t know much about these guys. I think they’re from South Africa, and like the B side in a retro psych style, their charm was all about sounding quite out of date in their time.

Although released in ’71, it has a perfect mid 60′s jazz organ sound, not unlike Manfred Mann, if they’d attempted a Flamingo Club all nighter styled single. It’s since become a party staple.