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Saturday, June 5th, 2010

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Listen: Three Hundred And Sixty Five Days / Donald Height [audio:]

Once the Northern Soul bug bit, there was no turning back. I needed everything I could grab, vinyl that is. This one got included on endless comps, but sounds pretty sweet on record as opposed to the cd’s it rightfully graces.

Somewhere I have the US Shout press of this. Again, in the great unfiled. I’m very bad about pulling a single to DJ then not returning it to the shelf promptly.

I will admit, my deep groove US copy has a nice sound to it as thick, black 60′s vinyl always does. Still, I had a pleasant moment when finding this UK copy during an early morning troll through the crates on Portobello Road. Regardless of what others say, I still find records there. You have to go early though, like as it’s getting light to be honest.