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Listen: Cold Cold Feeling / T-Bone Walker

The sanitation guys that collect our trash every Tuesday and Friday are my kindreds. Seriously. For a good fifteen years now, they’ve been dropping off boxes of records other folks discard. In exchange, I stop at Dunkin’ Donuts every few weeks and pick up some hot coffee and treats for them after I drive the girls to the subway stop three blocks away, on their way to school. A perfect arrangement, given the fellows show up on the button about ten minutes later.

I figured out years ago to canvass the supers at the condo and co-op buildings in my neighborhood for records their tenants were trashing. They get homemade pies at Thanksgiving and Christmas, stuff like that and I get first dibs on the vinyl.

‘Cold Cold Feeling’, probably my preferred T-Bone Walker single, came from those sanitation pals.

His recording/label timeline is all over the place, I honestly can’t follow it very well nor can I ultimately connect the dots. Seems he recorded for Imperial from ’50 – ’54, yet this one was issued in ’63. Go figure.

It does sound like a bit of standard blues fare, polished up with some horn arrangements and issued when all that stuff was becoming chic.

Whatever. By pure accident, ‘Cold Cold Feeling’ was the last record on the stacker, and played maybe ten times on repeat. Usually, I can stand said recording no more, and just race to make a switch. In this case, the single hit me, and is now a favorite.

I haven’t filed it away for months, continually adding it to the stack on the multi-player turntable, suitcase-like portable that’s my version of a flat screen, ie: this guy’s preferred electronic entertainment device. An audiophile I am not.

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