The Miracles

SHOP AROUND / The Miracles:

Side 1:

Listen: Shop Around / The Miracles

Listen: Who’s Loving You / The Miracles

Side 2:

Listen: Ain’t It Baby / The Miracles

Listen: The Only One I Love / The Miracles

This UK EP and the US hit single that sparked it, ‘Shop Around’, were released in 1961.

1961! Can you believe it?

Bill Robinson, lead voice and writer for The Miracles, known to the greater populous, we mere mortals, as Smokey Robinson…well it just seems impossible that he started that long ago. His songs and mainstream success with Smokey Robinson & The Miracles being so ubiquitous, seems like yesterday.

Pretty safe question to ask: “Has Smokey Robinson ever written a bad song?” Hmm, maybe not.

For all the great songwriters you or I might name check, this fellow has outdone each and every one when you stop to actually look at his output through the years.

Unquestionably a higher form of life.

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