Fay Bennett / Lord Creator

Listen: Big Cocky Wally / Fay Bennett

When thinking about blatant and nasty x-rated records, as is the case with the ending to Gloria Lynne’s ‘Watermelon Man’, I couldn’t help but remember ‘Big Cocky Wally’, a Lee Perry production from ’76, somehow never reissued or compiled. I think these style records were officially labelled rude. When coupled with the psychedelic dub Scratch was known for at that moment, it became an underground sensation, and difficult to find.

Fay Bennett was not new to this style either, having released ‘Bedroom Mazurka’ and the hysterical ‘Punanny’, which if you know your patois translates to…go ahead, guess.

“Gimme da royal flush” has to be the best one liner ever….

Big Pussy Sally / Lord Creator

Listen: Big Pussy Sally / Lord Creator

As with loads of hits from Jamaica in the 60′s and 70′s, an answer record was many times hot on the heels. ‘Big Pussy Sally’, when scheduled, held loads of anticipation. Will Lord Creator out filth Fay Bennett?

Unfortunately, the serious vocal delivery in a lover’s style softened the impact, so to speak. And lack of any racey lyrics didn’t help.

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